The world has changed.

Magic is no longer just for fairy tales. It’s real. While technology has merged with flesh to challenge the strength of old world sorcery, actual magic has returned to the world. Now people are more than just people; after an unexplained genetic event, some of them have developed traits that have left them labeled as elves, dwarfs, orks, and trolls. And dragons aren’t just in picture books–they’re very real, and they’re running some of the most important nations and biggest corporations in the world.

People call it the Sixth World, and it’s not a friendly place. Mega corps have ruthlessly consolidated power, and they make everyone – from the lowliest sage slave to the most powerful government leader – dance to their tune.

Many people sell their lives to these megacorps, believing they have no choice. But there are a few who have the skills, the guts and the nerve to stay independent, finding a way to live in the gray areas of a world not built for them. They can survive and (if they’re real lucky)thrive in the corners and shadows of the world. They’re outlaws, but they’re tolerated by the powers that be because they’re useful.

They are known as the Shadowrunners.


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