An Peng

Triad Hung Kwan


Triad Hung Kwan
Troll Male
Connection Rating: 3

Key Active Skills: Banishing: 3; Dodge: 2;
Etiquette: 3; Intimidation: 4; Negotiation: 3;
Sorcery: 4; Unarmed Combat: 3
Key Knowledge Skills: Triad History: 3;
Narcotics: 4; ZDF Procedures: 3
Advantages: Magician (Wuxing)
Spells: Flamethrower; Knockout; Phantasm
Cyberware/Bioware: None
Gear: Lined Coat
Uses: Golden Triangle information, CAS Crime
syndicates, Eastern Mysticism
Places to Meet: Happy Canyon Mall,
Chinatown Restaurants and shops
Contact: Commlink


An is the Hung Kwan for the Golden Triangle Triad. He stands at 2.5 m tall and weighs in at about 305 kg. He dresses in a lined coat, which is heavily embroidered with Wuxing symbolism. His single horn juts from the right side of head, and from the way it glistens, it’s clearly been waxed recently and well maintained. It’s pretty much impossible to estimate An’s age.

An is a native of the Denver area, so speaks with no noticeable accent. He is extremely direct, and does his best to intimidate with his physical presence. For a master of Eastern mysticism, he is rather impatient and has a surprisingly short fuse.

An Peng

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