Jonny Ono


Yakuza Wakagashira-hosa
Human Male
Connection Rating: 3

Key Active Skills:Pistols: 6(9); Dodge: 3;
Etiquette: 3; Negotiation: 3
Key Knowledge Skills: Yakuza Procedures: 4;
Protection Rackets: 3
Advantages: Adept; Ambidextrous
Adept Powers: Improved Reflexes I; Improved
Ability (Pistols): 3; Spell Resistance: 3
Cyberware/Bioware: None
Gear: 2 Ares Sliverguns (Smartguns, in Quick-
Draw Holsters); Lined Coat; Smartlink Contacts
Uses: Yakuza information, Hiring Yakuza
assistance, Adept Esoterica
Places to Meet: Yakuza establishments,
especially in the Aurora Warrens
Contact: Commlink


Jonny is a Wakagashira-hosa for the Yamato gumi. He stands at 1.6 m in height and is a slender 55 kg. He wears his black hair parted to the side, and walks with a constant swagger. His two Sliverguns are positioned in shoulder holsters, but he leaves his jacket open, making no attempt to conceal them. He appears to be in his early to mid-twenties.

Jonny is softspoken, but speaks English with a mild Japanese accent. His face wears a near constant sneer, and his attitude makes it obvious that he has no respect for gaijin. He doesn’t really ask people to help him or cooperate with him – he orders them to.

Jonny Ono

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